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Take Control of your own (bilingual) website at a budget price. specialises in budget bilingual website designs that are visually appealing, easy-to navigate, highly reliable, and fast loading.

Let altTokyo build your business a CMS (content management system) website with either the front user interface in English or Japanese and the back end admin area also in either language. Offering your customers a language alternative allows the customers to feel secure in the fact they know what they are buying, how and from whom.

Our web based content management solution will allow you to alter the content on your website at will, so you take complete control of your own site and design your own website pages.
Other companies try to lock you into a subscription based model, not us. At altTokyo you pay a flat fee to setup and launch your site. Any changes later can be made by your own staff for free or by altTokyo at an hourly rate. All staff training or IT support is all available as after sales support.

Before your customers can see your website, they must be able to find it. Website design can either help or hinder your ability to be found by major search engines.
Our design team understands every aspect of what makes a website appealing to customers and what makes the site attractive to Search Engines. Our philosophy is to get your site up and running as fast as possible so search engines can index you at minimum cost. Then later you can add/modify graphics and all the extra fancy appeal you need. You have to keep in mind that a website “look” can grow tired within three years so you need to be able to easily customise and “facelift” the site in future without compromising search engine ranking.

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